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OTS offer customized High Technology Electric MRL (Machine Room Less). Due to technological advancements electric elevators are energy efficient, fast, quiet and installation is straight forward.

Areas that can be customized are: shape and size, doors, interior style, flooring, walls, ceilings, operating panels and displays, handrails, emergency phones, accessibility options, double entrances, individual floor lock outs, exterior shafts, and glass panels.

There is minimal structural work required to fit a Lift Company elevator – no special strengthening, the lift is virtually free-standing, shaft walls can be GIB lined and only a small 180 mm deep inset pit is required. The headroom for the top floor is 2400 mm, so normal truss arrangements can be maintained. Fire rated landing doors are included, along with door hardware, and are normally fitted into place during installation. A slim line machinery (W240 by D135 by H2100mm) cabinet, which houses the electronics, can be installed free standing adjacent to the shaft or in a dedicated cupboard. The most preferred option is to have it incorporated into the door frame on the ground floor which removes the cabinet to be separated.

Any option you choose is at your discretion. Working closely with the OTS sales staff will help you understand what options are best for you, your lifestyle, and your home design. The most important thing is to make sure the elevator size and features will meet your needs today and into the future.

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This answer is dependent on the progress of the construction or remodeling. Quite frequently, our installers can get most of this work done quickly. However, these may not be consecutive days if site preparation work remains that prevents us from finishing the elevator, at which point we will return at a later date. Some examples of such items would be: hoistway doors not being hung, wall finishes not complete or the electrical power & phone service are not ready. Additionally, the elevator cannot be placed into operation until it has been inspected and approved by the local or state elevator inspector. The inspection itself is typically performed near the end of the construction project, just before the “final inspection”. In addition to the elevator installation being completed, all construction work related to the elevator (such as electrical fixtures or floor covering) or work adjacent to the elevator hoistway needs to be done before we can schedule the inspection.

Currently OTS offers warranty on products from 1 to 3 years. For more specific information on a particular product contact us via mail at info@otselevator.com or phone: +355 69 20 98 961.

In the event of a power cut to the home all OTS lifts are equipped with a battery back-up facility. This is included as standard with the lift and will allow anyone in the lift at the time of power failure to gently descend to the lower level of the home, allowing you o exit the lift, and wait until power is restored.

Yes, simply email the plans through and a consultant will call to discuss your specific requirements.