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List of elevator maintenance controls

Have you ever wondered what a lift technician does when you control your elevator? Here is an insight into the steps we use. This is a general guide.

Inside the cabin: - Check the interior of the elevator cabin for damage to the walls, ceiling etc. - Review the position indicator lights and replace any burning light. - Operates the elevator by going up and down and checking the accuracy, acceleration and deceleration of the leveling. - Checks to ensure the door moves smoothly and does not slip or tear. - Ensure that door regulator works properly.

Outside the cabin:

- Controls room stations and lights and replaces any burning light. - Inspect the door panel and the open spaces. - Test the Phase 1 Fire Fighting Service.

- It is ensured that the engine room does not contain anything that is unrelated to the lift. - Checks components for leakage and unusual vibration. - Inspect the electrical components for overheating or other damage. - Lubricates the ingredients, if necessary. - Checks the level of the oil. - Make the necessary adjustments or plan the coffee service.

- Check that the inspection station is functioning properly. - Remove debris from the engine. - Every visible component, including wheels, guide rails and leveling equipment, is inspected. - Check elevator cables and inspect the connections. - Controls the door operator and its components. - Controls elevator for rodent testing, fire safety and vandalism.

- Ensure that the GFI interrupter, illuminator and output are working properly. - Cleans the pit and checks for leakage signs. - Checks for signs of corrosion, alignment and secure connection. - Inspect all visible components, including wheels, guide rails, insets and switches. - Make sure that the reservoir pump is clean and functioning properly. The elevator mechanic must complete a register and mark any observations, problems and recommendations.